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Face to Face Consultation

Face to Face Health Consultation

When you just want to talk face to face with our astrologer, and want a personal consultation, use this service and meet our astrologer in person. Please note, our astrologer is based in Sydney, Australia, only select this option if you wish to visit the astrologer in person.

There could be many questions in your mind related to many topics; this consultation is open to all general matters.

Face to face consultation can include but not limited to:

  • Business partnership or partner related issues
  • Looking at your overall family horoscopes combined
  • Answer to most questions and provide a combined response
  • Look at not just one related area but many areas which you have concerns with
  • It can include up to 5 family members / horoscopes
  • Ask as up to 5 questions per person and there is scope with asking general family related matters
  • Additional provisions can be made for special cases, please reply to the confirmation email with any additional matters you may have

This consultation will include the following for all:

  • A detailed computerised report which contains various birth charts, dasha’s and their timings along with other generic details
  • A detailed analysed report per individual horoscope and their related questions
  • Provide any individual remedies or solutions depending on the circumstances.
  • Provide a combined remedy or solution after looking at the overall problem / concern

The detailed analysis will be done using the principles of Jainism in conjunction with Vadic astrology to come up with a comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

Procedure for consultation

1. Fill in the Birth details on the form for up to 5 people and advise their relationship to you at checkout making sure you select which option you want, electronic copies.

2. Make the payment

3. Jain Astrology centre will contact you via the provided email with a confirmation within 24hrs acknowledging your request and confirming the given details.

4. We will also advise the available times which you can visit (will generally be over the weekend).

5. Depending on your inquiry, we may contact you for additional details about your questions / position / circumstances to tailor a solution to your needs. As a result, we may contact you either via phone call or Email so please ensure you provide correct details and check your emails on a regular basis as this may prolong your processing time.

6. Confirm a time and visit the Astrologer at the date and time agreed.

Please note: When conducting a detailed family analysis, we take into account all the aspects in accordance to your birth charts / horoscope. Family matters, social / financial or family statuses are not considered. This is purely based on horoscope analysis how well they coincide with one another. We take pride on the services we provide and don’t let time hold us back.

Standard 1-2hr face to face consultation is $101