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Child Birth / Progeny Consultation

Child Birth / Progeny Consultation Child Birth / Progeny Consultation

Facing issues with having children, tried multiple treatments but gained no success with having children?

Progeny consultation will assist you in the following points:

  • When will it be the right time to have children or when are you likely to fall pregnant
  • If you have been trying to become parents however the steps taken have been unsuccessful
  • If you are facing issues related to Nadi Dosh
  • If your or your partners progeny houses are weak in the horoscope

Please note, we do not advise the gender of your children as this would be unethical.

This consultation will include the following for both husband and wife

  • A hand prepared Birth chart with general life predictions of both the husband and wife(not available via the electronic option – can only be posted to your physical address)
  • A detailed computerised report which contains various birth charts, dasha’s and their timings along with other generic details
  • A detailed breakdown analysis of the progeny house, divisional chart and Nadi dosh of the couple
  • A customised detailed report related to your progeny related questions
  • Provide any remedies or solutions depending on the circumstances.

The detailed analysis will be done using the principles of Jainism in conjunction with Vadic astrology to come up with a comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

Procedure for consultation

1. Fill in the Birth details on the form at checkout Making sure you select which option you want, electronic copies or hard copies with the hand written general prediction

2. Make the payment

3. Jain Astrology centre will contact you via the provided email with a confirmation within 24hrs acknowledging your request and confirming the given details and an approximate timeframe.

4. Depending on your inquiry, we may contact you for additional details about your questions / position / circumstances to tailor a solution to your needs. As a result, we may contact you either via phone call or Email so please ensure you provide correct details and check your emails on a regular basis as this may prolong your processing time.

5. You will receive your detailed report at your mentioned Email address within 14-21 days after the order was placed.

6. If you have requested postage, please allow an additional week to the total time depending on your location of residence.

Please note: We take pride on the services we provide and don’t let time hold us back. Due to large number of consultations, extra time period of 3-5 business days may be needed. Kindly be patient as we take great care in the preparation of your report and detailed analysis.

Electronic Option -$20 AUD / Hand Written option with general prediction - $51